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Thanjavur Palace, India – 2014 HD

The original name of Thanjavur Palace is Sivaganga Fort, which is rarely used these days. If you observe carefully, there is even a small moat around it which provided security against enemy access. Often mistakenly called the “Thanjavur Maratha Palace” was not built by Maratha Kings, but by Thanjavur Nayaks. However, the Marathas made some enhancements to suit their needs. It is more popularly called “Thanjavur Aranmanai” by the people of Tamil Nadu. Today, the Thanjavur Palace Complex is a tourist attraction which houses 3 separate venues: the palace, the art gallery and a manuscript library (Saraswathi Mahal).

Address: East Main Street, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India ( 1.2 K.M from Brihadeeswarar Temple )
Phone: +91-4362-223384 ; +91-4362-230984
E-mail: Not Available
Timings: 9 A.M to 5 P.M ; Open Everyday
Entrance Fee: Indians – 5 Rupees; Foreigners – 50 Rupees
Note: Art Gallery which is inside the palace has a separate fee. Click here to read about the Art Gallery
Camera Fee: Still Camera – 30 Rupees; Video Camera – 300 Rupees.
Car Parking: Available; Free
Restrooms: Available
Average Visitor Time: 3 Hours

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