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Rutu No Hritik – Superhit Gujarati Natak 2016 – Deepak Dave, Santu Rajda, Manish Mehta

After death of his wife, Velji brings up his daughter Rutu with great care and love. He is too attached to Rutu emotionally. When Rutu introduces his boyfriend Pawan to Velji, Velji gets taken aback completely. He just can’t stand the fact that her daughter has chosen her life-partner. May be, he is jealous of Pawan and does not want to share his daughter’s love with anyone else. For no valid reason, he rejects the guy straightaway. Pawan tries to impress Velji by moving into his house. Will he be able to impress Velji?

ઋતુનો રિતિક
મા-વિહોણી ઋતુ તેના પિતા વેલજી સાથે સ્નેહના અત્યંત મજબૂત સેતુથી જોડાયેલી છે. વેલજીને ત્યારે જબરદસ્ત આંચકો લાગે છે, જ્યારે ઋતુ તેના મનપસંદ છોકરા પવન સાથે તેમની મુલાકાત કરાવે છે. વેલજી કોઈ પણ યોગ્ય કારણ વગર દીકરીને પસંદને નાપસંદ કરી નાખે છે. શું વેલજી દીકરીના પ્રેમમાં બીજા કોઈ સાથે ભાગ પડાવવા નથી માંગતા? શું વેલજીને પવનની ઈર્ષા થાય છે? વેલજીને મનાવવા ઋતુ અને પવન જાત-જાતના પાપડ વણે છે. શું તેમને સફળતા મળે છે? જાણવા માટે જુઓ આ રમુજી લવ-સ્ટોરી.

Producer: Varsha Joshi, Nishit Doshi & Arvind Pancholi
Director: Umesh Parekh
Writer: Sanjay V. Shah
Cast: Deepak Dave, Santu Rajda, Manish Mehta, Viral Joshi, Sharad Sharma, Deep Pathak, Grishma & Henish

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  1. gujarati new movie update please

  2. It’s great you guys are going to upload Saptpadi. Really appreciate your efforts. Any tentative date when it’s going to available?

    • Shemaroo Gujarati

      +Nikunj Mehta,
      Hello Nikunjbhai,
      We are planning to release Family Ni Dandikuch (Natak), No Exit (Natak), Musafir Chhu Yaar (Film) before Saptapadi. So Saptapadi is likely to be released in Jan or Feb 2017.

  3. soliddddd msttt natak .

  4. How about other INT nataks like Chandarvo, Mogra na saap, ane indrajit?

    • Shemaroo Gujarati

      We thank you for your suggestion as it gives us clear idea about viewers’ choice.

      Currently, we do not have rights for CHANDARVO, MOGRA NA SAAP & INDRAJIT.

      Our upcoming releases include:
      SAPTAPADI (Film)
      CANVAS (Film)
      Family Ni Dandikuch (Natak)

      To promote Gujarati Entertainment across the globe, we are trying to acquire and publish a variety of entertainment videos. So stay tuned, keep watching, keep laughing!

  5. please upload Jo Baka honeymoon par to javu j pade

    • Shemaroo Gujarati

      +darshit gandhi
      Hello Darshit,
      You can watch Jo Baka Honeymoon Par Toh Javuj Pade on our channel. To watch it, please click here:

  6. fantastic drama

  7. Thanks alot to shemaroo team to give us a new concept every thing is fine sk group like share it again thank you

    • +sahil khan
      Hello Sahilbhai, We are happy that you like this natak and our channel.
      Do share this video and channel with your friends and relatives.

  8. have aevo video autaro ke je jevo chalu kareae aevo chalu Thai jaay samjan padi

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