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Movie : Preet Mandi Khodal Tare Dhaam
Producer : Surshti Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Directed : Hiten Patel
Producer : Mrudula Dand
Starring : Hiten Kumar, Reena Soni, Arun Rajgor, Bhavini Jani, Deepangi Raval, Prashant Barot & Others

Virchand & Mulchand are best friends. Virchand is crazy about his love for motherland whereas Mulchand wants to go to foreign country for progress. One day Virchand who sits under tree very sad as his friend left him, dies due to snake bite. After the death of Virchand, his wife Mani brings up her children Hirji & Gita with great difficulty.

After many years Mulchand send his son Kishan to marry a village girl. Kishan is attracted to a village girl, Lajo, during Navratri. But Lajo is engaged to Tejmal who is a drunkard & great gambler. Lajo loves Kishan but her mother does not approve their relationship. As Lajo is not allowed to go out of her house, Kishan enters Lajo’s house after breaking window. At the same time Lajo’s mother Vali is murdered by somebody. Kishan is suspected for the murder & is been put in jail by police.

Do Lajo & Kishan unite?

Who murdered Vali & whether Lajo & Kishan’s wedding is approved by their community?

To find out all, you must see Film “PREET MANDI KHODAL TARE DHAAM”.

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