Narendra Modi invites Sonia Gandhi to Gujarat

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi these days in his speech invites Congress president and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi to Gujarat.

Modi in a lighter tone entertain his audience to the fullest when he starts narrating a long invitation addressed to Sonia Gandhi.

Here is what Modi said at Dharnidhar cross road public meeting in Ahmedabad. Modi said, “Soniaben is coming to Gujarat. She is coming for election campaign here. Though the campaign is almost over here, we would welcome not only Soniaben but whole SRP(Sonia,Rahul,Priyanka). All of them should come to Gujarat. They are most welcome. I am inviting you all to my state to campaign. This is the strenth of our democracy. But Soniaben, please try to do one thing. Please stay in Gujarat for a week. Please witness our hospitality. If Congress is not ready, our people would host you. Soniaben you should tour in your car wherever you want in the state. You can go to Porbandar, Shamlaji, Bhuj wherever you feel good. Our roads in Gujarat are so well that you would be happy to travell for long hours. And Soniaji plese guide us, if we are laging behind in development compare to Raibareli where your party is ruling since Indira Gandhi’s time. At the same time, please witness our state’s development and if you find something good, please raplicate that in your Raibareli and Amethi areas. Soniaben, Shri Manmohan Singhji have announced that if elected, the Congress party would provide broadband connection to each village across the nation. So, I would like to bring a fact to your attention that all villages in our state Gujarat are now equipped with broadband. So, when you are in Gujarat, you can also go to some forest side vilalge and access a broadband connection there. If you wish, we would avail you a facility to talk to your parents in Italy. We are capable for that.You are welcome to witness this all, but please do not come to read somebody’s written speech to hurt us.”

It should be noted that Sonia Gandhi is coming to campaign in Gujarat on April 24. She is going to address rallies at Jetpur(Saurashtra), Kheralu(North Gujarat) and Halol(Central Gujarat).

During her campaign for Gujarat assembly election 2007, Sonia Gandhi had told Narendra Modi, a merchant of death. Modi had answered this back aggressively through every possible platform to get a superb victory.

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