Gujarati Nonstop Garba 2016 | Navratri Dandiyaras | Ambaji Ma Na Garba

Studio Sangeeta Presents:-
Album:-Ambe Ma Ni Navlakh Divdani Aarti
1]Kum Kum Pagle Avo Maiya Amba
*Bol Mari Ambe
*O Mari Ambe Ma
*Dungare Ditho Vagh
*Datano Garbo Vinve
*Navlakh Divdani Aarti
2] Navla Avya Norta
*Norta Ni Nav Rato Ramjo
*Alun Salun Mari Ambe
*Arasur No Dungro
*Ud Chakali Tu Udti Jaje
*Avi Aso Ni Raat
Singer:-Asha Thakor
Music Label:-Studio Sangeeta

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