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Dr. Chinu Modi | Gujarati Poet | Novelist | Writer I Critic Interview by Devang Bhatt

Dr. Chinu Modi | Gujarati Poet | Novelist | Writer I Critic Interview by Devang Bhatt
Chinu Modi (ચિનુ મોદી), also known by his pen name,Irshad ( ઈર્શાદ) is a Gujarati language poet, novelist, short story writer and critic from Gujarat, India. Educated in languages, he taught at various institutions and established himself as a poet and author. He is a recipient of several awards including Sahitya Akademi Award, Vali Gujarati Award and Narsinh Mehta Award.
He was born in Vijapur on 30 September 1939.He completed his primary education in Vijapur and secondary education in Dholka near Ahmedabad. He completed his metric in 1954.He completed B.A in Gujarati and History subjects in 1958, LLB in 1960, M.A in Gujarati and Hindi subjects in 1961 from Gujarat University. He studied Ph.D in 1968 from Gujarat Vidyapith.
He taught at colleges in Talod and Kapadvanj from 1961 to 1964. In 1965, he joined Swaminarayan Arts College in Ahmedabad and taught until 1975. He served as a scriptwriter at Indian Space Research Organization, Ahmedabad from 1975 to 1977. He later started working as a freelancer in field of advertising. He is a poet, playwright, novelist, short story wrighter, critic and translator.
He has wrote both of in metrical and nonmetrical form of poetry. His main contribution towards ghazal poetry. Kshano Na Mahelma, His first collection of ghazal was published in 1972, followed by Darpan Ni Galima (1975), Irshadgadh (1979), Afawa (1991), Inayat (1996) and Nakashanagar (2001). Along with ghazal, he has wrote geet, sonnet, free verse and Khandakavya (long narrative poem). His other poetry collection which consists of metrical and nonmetrical poems are Vatayan (1963), Urnanabh (1974), Shapit Vanma (1976), Deshvato (1978), Ae (1999), Saiyar (2000), Shwetsamudro (2001), Gatibhas (2012) and Khara Zaran Bahuk (1982), based on Nalakhyan of Mahabharata, is a long narrative poem written by him. Kalakhyan (2003) is also long narrative poem composed in the Akhyan-style.
Modi is noted in Gujarati literature for his experimentalist plays. Dayal Na Pankhi (1967) is his first collection of one act plays composed in a verse form and absurd style, folowed by Callbel (1973), Hukam Malik (1984), Jalaka (1985) and Ashwamegh (1986). Jalaka centred round the Jalaka, a charecter from the Ramanbhai Nilakhanth’s Rai No Parvat while Ashwamegh deals with extream lust of woman and her sexual interaction with Horse.
Modi debuted in novel with Shaila Majmudar (1966; an autobiographical novel), followed by Bhaav-Abhaav (1969), Bhavchakra (1975), Leela Naag (1971), Hang Over (1985), and Pahela Varsad No Chhanto (1987). Dabi Muththi Jamani Muththi, one and only collection of short stories of Modi, was published in 1986. ara Samkalin Kavio (1973) and Be Dayaka: Char Kavio is a criticism of poetry of Manilak Desai, Ravji Patel, Labhshankar Thakar and Manhar Modi Modi won Ushnas Prize (1982-83) for his book Bahuk. He received Kalapi Award in 2000, Narsinh Mehta Award in 2008 and Vali Gujarati Award in 2010. He received Sahitya Akademi Award for Gujarati writers in 2013 for his gazal collection Khara Zaran.
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