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Chundadi Odhi Mein To Saajan Ni | Best Urban Gujarati Film 2018 | Latest Gujarati Full Movies

Movie : Chundadi Odhi Mein To Saajan Ni
Writer : Dushyant Shukla
Directed : Dushyant Shukla
Producer : Nilesh Jhaveri
Starring : Kajal Raghvani, Urvashi Parikh, Nilesh Jhaveri, Deveendra Pandit Darpan M. Desai, Shweta Jethva & Others.

Who says in Real life Rich persons are not born and brought up by well mannered family. This is wrong Thinking rich personalities son and daughter’s also lead -well mannered and well behaved life. This track is also followed in their in-laws place, where they lead new life with their husbands. This is the story where girl has married to a man who is in wrong track leading and misbehaving wrongly with her rich wife, She has lot of problem in her married life still keeps cool and Smiling .she has lot of strength, to control the pain given by his husband and her in law Which has been taught by her grand mother and her parents .Even the widow having a child in her stomach has a strength to lead pain full life. A father also tries to explains his son who leads out in wrong track and make him explain to take right path .A Friend also helps other friend, who is leading lonely life without his family, she tries to re unite the family this shows the quality of the family brought up and teaching of their family. When the trend of new generation life and thinking changes, both, son daughters and mother in-law also have to change their thinking according to new generation to lead peace full life. This is the morale of the story.

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